VIDEO: EU - NA S2S event with side-by-side S2S video with Fraser MM0EFI

Hello everyone,

A while back during the S2S Event EU to North America Trans-Atlantic QSO Party - 5th November 2022 (Part 1) I made contact with Fraser @MM0EFI and we both recorded videos. Here is the video report of that event.
Unfortunatly no S2S over the atlantic but some nice SOTA DX QSO with USA and Canada also included.

Due to the event I made an exception and was running QRO 50 Watt from an IC-7300 that I brought to this almost drive-on summit. Not something I want to do for every activation but good fun to try.

Hope you like the little report:

FYI: John @KI6EAB QTH is California but was working via a remote station on the east coast (Florida) as as I understood

73 Joe


Hi Joe and Fraser, loved the combined video, well done.

Geoff vk3sq

Joe, congratulations nice work. Antenna is tradionally vertical 10,15,20 ? Mike OM1ALT

Hi Joe and Fraser,

It’s great to see you guys making videos during this event. Well done combining the two Joe - it made it really interesting. I’m not sure how I managed to miss you Joe as I was close by Fraser, but that’s how it is. Maybe next time.

73, Gerald
(active as GM4OIG/P from Cat Law GM/ES-044)

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Thanks Geoff. Was a spontanious idea asking Fraser to share or I must say exchange footage. So look forward to Frasers @MM0EFI version of the event on video too.

Yes my usual upper-outer based on DK7ZB Vertical_L
Nothing fancy overall. Elevated radial/leg pointed to Northwest.

Good question :thinking: - so next time then.

And also interesting for tutorial purposes. Hearing how bad it sounds when someone tunes (ATU) while being on frequency…

73 Joe


Hi @OE5JFE Joe, I finally got my video edited. Hope you like it!

73, Fraser MM0EFI


Hi Fraser,

Again thanks for sharing the video files upfront. Looks like we both had a great event hunting for S2S and DX. Your tarp setup reminds me on my 2m SSB contesting setup in 2021. Makes a huge difference in bad wx times.

Keep up with making great videos and sharing the passion for SOTA and ham radio with the world :+1:
Maybe we can get more of SOTA YT people to join in for the next event :thinking:.

73 Joe

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