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Video editing software poll

Morning All

As this part of Yorkshire has ground to a halt again because a bit of snow has fallen, I have decided to have a browse through the archive of video footage I have here. There are several formats depending which camera it was taken with.

As many sota-ists(?) are also keen movie makers, could anybody suggest a reasonably priced, easy to use (idiot proof!) movie editing software product please? I intend to post to Youtube, and also produce DVD’s for playback on the house TV (HD).

The standard of production of SOTA video’s has always amazed me, if anybody can help me get to this kind of quality I can bore you all with hours of activations etc!!

73 and keep warm



In reply to G4YTD:

And this is to run on your SGI Indy box running IRTX 6.5 ?


Or to be less sarcastic, even though 95% of the time it will be for Windows it would help people if you were to at least hint at the OS and type of PC so they don’t suggest things of zero use to you. Such as iPad video editing software.


In reply to G4YTD:


I’m not an expert in video but I’m using on a Win7 (64Bit) PC:

For editing I’m using Movie Maker and export it as .wmv. You can also export to youtube (never tried).
In a 2nd step I take Format Factory and convert the edited video to .mp4 for my iPad 1 (the same file .mp4 works also on my Sony HD TV).

73 de Dominik, HB9CZF (rain @ +10C)

In reply to MM0FMF:
Fair point…

O/S is Win 7 Home premium on the main desktop box, or XP Pro on the netbook, or Linux on the play machine…

Not only do the roads stop when it snows here, brain freeze is also rife…



In reply to G4YTD:

I use windows movie maker provided free with the o/s. I think the features improve with later versions of windows. Once you have edited the movie, you have a choice of popular formats to save it (jpeg, wmv etc) I find this more than adequate for my needs.
73 from snowbound Buxton.

In reply to G1INK:

I see the A537 is closed, Steve!

Just how much snow have you got there?

73 Mike

In reply to G4YTD:
Hi Tim,
Like others have mentioned, I use windows movie maker
on my win7 PC. Easy to use, even for me!

Roger mw0idx

In reply to 2E0YYY:

8ins Mike - still snowing but warmed up to 0C.

In reply to G4YTD:

I’m using MAGIX VIDEO DELUXE, not too expensive, and easy to use.

73 Alain F6ENO

Hi All
Thank you for the feedback.

Will see what i can come up with over the weekend.




In reply to G4YTD:
Have a look here:

PowerDirector is a cheap award winning software, though I have never used it. I think it requires a 64bit OS.

73, HG1DUL

In reply to HG1DUL:
I’m using the lastest MAGIX DELUXE VIDÉO.
I confirm what Alain said: easy to use.
73 QRO

My latest clips are made with Corel VideoStudio Pro X4.

73, Peter - ON4UP

Thanks everybody. i have gone with Movie edit pro. Just trying to get to grips with all the features and interesting stuff it can do.

Thanks again