Video: Bivy overnighter with 3 activation near Wurzeralm

Hello everyone,

I managed to put together a new video from my SOTA adventure 2 weeks ago.
Bank holiday weekend and two days with perfectly stable weather finally allowed to follow my plannings.

To make it more interesting: The hike is in a well known ski resort and also in summertime a lot of people take the cable car up to the plateau to start hikes from there. Nothing wrong about that.
But because of repair works it was not operating so a overnight plan came to my mind.

From a hike some years ago I knew about a reliable well near the cabin Luckerhütte. And that turned out to be the perfect spot to combine three summits in two days.
Here the overview map.

First to Wurzerkampl OE/OO-035
then over to Luckerhütte at the base of Angerkogel OE/ST-435. I deposited the bivy gear and took only the radio up to summit. It was getting late that day and fortunatly Sylvia and Peter stayed longer on the summit during their activation to chase me :+1: on 2m FM.
I could get more than 4 QSO then on 20m SSB.

I went down the summit, picked up my deposided gear and filled my water supplies. At a surprisingly flat grass area I found the perfect spot of my bivy. Btw. in Upper Austria OE/OO and Styria OE/ST region this is permitted in high alpine areas (as long as they are not part of a national park). OE Alpine association info page on that matter

Next day after some tea and porride for breakfast I continued my hike to Torstein OE/OO-179.
Near the summit I had a very nice encounter. A herd of about 15 chamois was up there. I approached as quiet as possible. But see for yourself in the video.
Btw. I have a new intro for my video.


And some pictures

Wurzerkampel summit

View to high plateau Wurzeralm. The wall is Stubwieswipfel also a SOTA summit. The easy path in around the left side to the back.

Enjoying the warm rocks …

Left over snow. And summer temperatures

Angerkogel summit

Ready for the night

Old trees and rough landscape in this Karst area

Torstein in view:


It was hot. Have some salt?

73 de Joe


Congrats, I am thinking from past year make bivy at summit and enjoy sota.
I like very much your awasome pics.


Hello Jon,

Thanks a lot. Looking forward to your report then :wink:

73 Joe

Hallo Joe,

interesantes Video. Die Szene mit dem Sonnenuntergang :+1: Schnell wirds dunkel :slight_smile: Danke für den Bericht.

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Absolutly cool !

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Thanks for sharing your epic adventure with us Joe!

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Excellent Joe, glad all went okay. It is a pleasure watching your scenery.
Looking forward your next adventure!

73 de Ignacio

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Hello everyone,

Thank you for the kind comments.
It worked out very well as you can see. The wx was incredible and allowed such pictures to be taken.

Quick question:
I reduced time for QSO audio quite a bit to keep the video still at a reasonable length.
How do you like the ratio of QSO audio compared to my previous videos?

73 de Joe

Joe, thanks for the video! Once again enjoyed the colorful nature of the Alps!

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Hello Joe san,

Thanks for the beautiful video.
I walked from JA/TY-001(3015m) through JA/TY-004 (2926m)with a bivy and a tarp last summer.
I chose bivy because the weather seemed to be good for several days.
I took my tarp as well for the sun shade and for sudden showers.It was very hot even on high places over 2000meters.

Looking south-west from the path near JA/TY-005 Mt.Ryuuoudake.
The brown peak almost in the center is JA/TY-004 Mt.Yakushidake.
The flat area in the middle with a red roof cottage is Goshikigahara.It’s a camp area.

I put up my tarp here in Goshikigahara. A shower passed by in the early evening,
but it’s OK all my stuff is in the bag.

I like high places.・hi・・Even it’s far from that lavatory.

On the summit of JA/AT-005 Mt.Ryuuoudake.



Very nice outing Joe (and nice one too Atsu-san).
Love to see the fauna on outings, except for the snakes :slight_smile:
The good old sweat salt stain. Many of my hats look in bad shape with the salt stain. I can’t remove it afterwards despite washing for some reason.
Anyway, enjoy the summer in the Austrian Alps!

Thanks for sharing Atsu-san. A very nice scenery indeed and a popular camp ground as it seams.
Btw. that reminds me to extend my JA licence. One never knows hi

Arnaud thanks for the kind words. The snake is poisonous but for an adult only deadly in very rare cases. (Vipera berus - Wikipedia)
Washing machine took care of the salt stain without problem.

All the best 73 Joe