Video audio VK5PAS-EC2AG


In my last activity of the 3 yesterday Cantabria VK5PAS I could contact with my Yaesu 817 and dipole antenna 14 mhz.

EC2AG Antonio



Heard it on air, bet brought big smile to your face, :grin:

Same could not reach you myself :worried:

Just goes to show what can appear even in the poorest conditions the sun can provide as was a bit dire yesterday. The bands with Contests etc :scream:

Always said don’t take what the net says as it can happen

Well done that man


Hi Antonio,
If that was your third activation of the day, it must have been short path and it would be very late with Paul in South Australia - SA is 7.5 hours ahead of Spain.

Well done on the contact!! Were you ONLY running the FT817?? (i.e. 5 watts?).

73 Ed.

if my station works only with 817 + dipole antenna … 1645 utc hour summit.

73"" ec2ag


Well done again Antonio.

I am very tempted to try and get out some time this week around 1645 UTC (1845 local) and see if I can manage a contact into VK5, VK8 or VK6 from an easy SOTA summit. (VK1,2,3,4 &7 are probably fast asleep at that time).

73 Ed.

ok luck is curious also need to log Ka1r … 5 minutes later,…

73 Ec2ag…

Just watched & listened to this video, excellent audio from both stations, well done Antonio.
73’s Ken G0FEX

I’ve tried to raise some interest on the VK SOTA yahoogroup for Short Path contacts with EU/UK summits - it seems the need for the guys in Eastern VK to be on the air at 2:30am seems to put them off - can’t understand why …


Hi Antonio,

It was a pleasure to get you in the log, with a beautiful signal coming from your QRP SOTA station in Spain.

I have placed some info about the contact on my Wordpress site at…

Best 73,


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AHA! so it was the All Asian DX Contest, that’s why you were on the bands so late/early, Paul. I spent most of last weekend swearing at the inconsiderate operating practices (not listening before taking a frequency etc.) from several IARU R1 Field day stations. The other side of the coin is that with major contests there are some stations active at rediculous hours down under, making the possibility of some short path contacts.

Great to hear that you made 3 short path SOTA contacts as well as 3 EU WWFF park contacts!

73 Ed.