VIDEO: Activation team faces harsh winter conditions on Plechy OK/JC-001

Hello everyone,

Today a really fresh video report just from yestersdays activation of Plöckenstein / Plechy OK/JC-001 at the border OE to OK.
After postponing this hike multiple times we finally decide to go even with mediocre weatherforecast up.
We met on Thursday at a guesthouse near to town Oberschwarzenberg had dinner and a very nice meetup of fellow activators.
Organized by Sylvia @OE5YYN, Dieter @OE5DZL and Franz @OE5FSM in the lead this yearly winteractivation is a reoccuring activity so I was happy to join in that tradition. Heinz @OE5EEP also managed to join us so five OE5 hams begun the hike next day after breakfast.

A mix of rain and snow welcomed us but with increasing height the snow took over. But the wind on top was putting us to the test. See for yourself how we managed to still the activation successfull.

Some pictures as teaser:

Wind and snow are the elements we face

Dieter and Sylvia on the summit

Franz on the summit

Heinz next to the impressive snow covered summit cross

Off course on the way down things improved hi

But for the full story and how the activation went pls have a look:

Btw. APRS was also working ufb

73 Joe


harsh? looks like a kid’s birthday party on Hoth (kidding),
Sorry we didn’t S2S yesterday.
When ascending OE/ST-121, we met a tourer who appeared from above, describing the conditions using swear words exclusively.
We met another tourer and asked for the way to the mountain hut. He told us, he was seeking the hut for half an hour and could not find it. He was up there over 30 times, and such thing never happened to him before. He was really fed up, and his moustache transmuted to a solid ice block, hi
We had lunch break in the hut (gps is your friend). My brother could not take off his bonnet - it was frozen with his eyebrows. temp in the hut was way below zero…
We met 3 other tourers with equipment 20 yrs newer than ours. Their unisono: no summit today.
After 30 mins of complete white out, I thought I could have had the same experience with VR goggles - well no, some gusts of wind knocked me down.
It was definitely the right decision to turn back. 100 m below the summit.
The reward for the effort: Icy, bumpy and windy ski run luckily without injury.
I love exaggeration and pathos, hi
This would have been just a little warm up for an antarctic expedition.
To be honest: Sunday walkers like me should stay at home.
It was nice workout, but planting parsley up there didn’t come to my mind.
cul 73 Martin


Congratulations, looks like my kind of SOTA adventure!

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Thanks Martin for sharing your experiences. Does not sound like fun either. We have seen the clouds above moving in incredible speeds.
As you can see we had fun despite the cold weather so it was not life threatening experience. But no easy peasy activation either. It can always be worse I guess.

And you know the freedom of the storyteller (video editor) to share the own version :sweat_smile: of a story.

Great that you took the right decision. Winter storms are not fun when you are up there.
We will manage a S2S again. The timing in summer just makes is more likely.

73 Joe