VIDEO: Activation of Almkogel OE/OO-193

Hello everyone,

Please join my activation of Almkogel on kind of the last summer day before the cold autumn weather hit OE land.

On the way I met another hiker and we found out we both have the same summit as goal. So we hiked together.

The wide views between the Tote Gebirge mountains and the green pastures of Styria made it a real joy to hike there. Not a hike for everyone with 1400 m ascent to reach this 8 pointer.

Here the video:

Btw. no pictures available as I am just writing this during my vacation in EA8 :wink:

73 Joe


Hallo Joe,

Geniesse deine Ferien in EA8.

Laurent de F8CZI

Thanks for sharing yet another example of your technical merit for SOTA activation. Your activations certainly “raise the bar” for my SOTA skill set. Stay safe.

Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns ein weiteres Beispiel für Ihren technischen Wert bei der SOTA-Aktivierung mitgeteilt haben. Ihre Aktivierungen legen die Messlatte für meine SOTA-Kenntnisse sicherlich höher. Bleib sicher.

73 de Sevim, WB8BHN

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Hello Sevim,

Not sure that I understand the phrase correctly but I know it’s a compliment so thanks for that.

And thanks for the QSOs over to EA8. Finally we managed. And I have one on video :+1:

73 Joe

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YES, its a compliment to your skills in climbing in tough terrain.
Also your solo Keeskogel and Grossvenediger activations with “team OE5JFE”.
If I could, I would nominate your SOTA videos for an Emmy award.

I also enjoyed the “historical” aspect: salt trading route. Reminds me of my father’s Crimea (Krim), and silk road trading routes to China. :-))

Enjoy the rest of your EA8 holiday. Will keep looking for your activations.
Looking forward to hearing more of your stories at FN HR, 2024.

73 de Sevim

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