VIDEO: Activation in EA8/TF - Summit Baracan and Montane de Taco with Julian IN3JIB

Hello everyone,

This time I am shareing my first video (of 3) from my vacation to Tenerife EA8/TF.

As some of you might have read here on the reflector Julian @IN3JIB was very active by end of Octotober/begin of November in activating all summits in EA8/TF. The first day of my arrival we decided to meet at the parking spot for the tour to Baracan EA8/TF-009. The google maps navigation lead me to a road that looked suspiciosly small and in bad condition. Just making my turn a car came out this road. And a young guy looking at me - and realizing we just found each other be cooincident. So we drove in convoi on narrow roads passing by the touristic village of Masca. It was super crowded with cars. But soon we started our hike.

See the video from that point on:

Julian gave me a crash course on Spanish QSO basics that added on to what I was learning allready upfront.
Later we drove to activate a second summit Montaña de Taco EA8/TF-017 and have dinner together in a nearby restaurant.
Btw. on that summit I finally managed to have a QSO with Sevim @WB8BHN - Happy that this worked out!

And some pictures:
On our way to first summit:

View to El Teide EA8/TF-001

On summit #2:

Slim-J for 10m working ufb

My next video will be the activation of Guajara EA8/TF-002

73 Joe



Thanks for the EA8- activations, and to finally/successfully chase you, from vorort (suburban) Chicago! Your Spanish-speaking preparation worked well. Thanks to Julian, IN3JIB.

This is another example of your “well-done” videos. Hopefully it will also be inspirational to hikers that may also consider “wandering into ham radio”.

We here in the almost-frozen north are envious that you were able to work on your sun-tan, while there.

BTW: I am still hoping to chase Jarek, SP9MA, so I can celebrate by opening the bottle of “Soplica” that he gifted to us at FN HamRadio.

Looking forward to SOTA contacts with you and also with “team OE5JFE”, between Oesterreich and vorort Chicago. Maybe during the 10m Challenge? Also hope to see you again, at FN HR 2024!

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

73 and “all the best” from Sevim, WB8BHN

Hi Joe, nice video as usual, and smashing to hear you in a good Spanish!
Julian did a great job.

Take care and 73 Ignacio


Thanks Sevim for the kind words.
The chances of inspiring someone to get into ham radio based on my videos is a nice thought. It could happen who knows :+1:

I wonder that you did not work Jarek so far. You are both CW operators so the chances are good. Maybe 10m was just not used enough to make it happen?

“Team OE5JFE” will continue the activation adventures :smiley:

But I have bad news regarding FN 2024: I am invited to a wedding in 9A croatia exactly on that weekend. So someone else will need to take the lead in organizing the dinner. Sorry for that but you n know priorities.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024 !

73 and alles Gute from Joe

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Thanks Ignacio,

I hope not to disappoint in the next videos. Got a bit overwhelmed be everyone expecting that I understand what is said - hi.
But a fun challenge to learn. And for me Spanish is more in my previous experience that for example for my visit to JA years back. There had no idea how to get to the same level on understanding or talking.

Take care and catch you soon,
73 Joe

I fully expect to work both you and Jarek in 2024; 10m or otherwise.

You’ll be missed at FN HR 2024, but I understand about attending the wedding. People and relationships are most important.

Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr 2024!