Vic AB6SO - Super Sloth

Congratulations to Vic Black, AB6SO - W6 and NA’s newest Super Sloth!

His contact with K4QS on W4V/HB-003 yesterday put him at the 10,000 point mark, and he kept right on going.

Vic started chasing in March 2017, having made Super Sloth in 2 years. He does all his chasing outdoors, portable with his KX2 and temporary antennas - SOTA style!

We’re looking forward to many more contacts with Vic - keep it up!



Congratulations, Vic! Thanks for working me on the summits!

Dave, AE9Q


Great job on getting the 10K Sloth. I like to think that our last QSO which was an S2S on March 21st when you were on San Bruno Mtn in the Central Coast and I was on Silver Mtn in the Northern Desert added to your totals! Glad we were able to meet at Pacificon last October.

CU again on a summit.
Scott WA9STI
Los Angeles

Congrats Vic, and thanks for helping me out on a few of those peaks…!

Mark - KG6LI

Congratulations Vic on achieving Super Sloth.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congrats Vic! Thanks for all the QSO’s and the S2S on 21st March. Always a pleasure to hear your call. Talk to you again soon. dit dit.

-Josh WU7H

Wow, Vic. It’s hard enough to chase the required Qs to become a SS, but to do so portable at low power makes your achievement really stand out. Congratulations!

73 Paula k9ir

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Cograts Vic. Always a pleasure to get you in the log.

Roland K7FOP

Nice work Vic! You often get in the log and I always appreciate it!
Keith KR7RK

Congrats Glad to have worked with you a few times on my activations!

Congratulations, Vic!

CONGRATS, Vic! No wonder we hear you so often.
All Best, Ken and Kay

Congratulations, Vic, on your super achievement! Thanks for all the QSOs!
Peter KD0YOB