Via ferrata

Have any of the OE/HB/DL SOTA hams ever tried to make a list of the SOTA peaks that are also with a Via Ferrata?


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Hello Cap,
There are various lists, see below. I stand to be corrected but I do not think there is a consolidated list.




Not an extensive list, but in my local area there are the following summits that can be reached by a Via Ferrata:

Alberfeldkogel, OE/OO-034
Predigstuhl, OE/OO-074
Großer Priel, OE/OO-004

There might be more. Let me know if you need more detailed information on the routes or if you are in the area.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

In reply to OE5EEP: thank you both for the information. Much appreciated. The via ferrata is not something we have in the US and I am excited to at least do a couple on my EU SOTA trip the month of September.

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Hello Cap,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I waited awhile as I thought you would have had a few more sources reply. I think if you post your rough ETA and perhaps maybe summits you will get a lot of help from OE/HB/DL-DM/OK etc. stations who will know a lot.

Good luck with the trip anyway.

Best wishes

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we have lot’s of ‘via verrata’ here in OE5 with all different kinds of difficulty … so it is hard to list them all here.

one of the best IMHO is the “DRACHENWAND” in Mondsee, with breathtaking views , not too hard to climb … see the topo here:

Christian, OE5HCE, and me did a sota-tour last year … here is the video:

if you know in which area you will stay, let me know … maybe i can help with suggestions!?

vy73 de martin

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Hi Cap,
HB/VD-016 is a "via Ferrata"summit. let me know if you would like to do…

kurt HB9AFI

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Wow, Martin, that video may have “cured” me of my desire to do klettersteig/via ferrata !!! Wonderful. Thanks for sending it along.

I can highly recommend three “Klettersteigs” I have activated together with my XYL last summer:

OE/OO-002 Hoher Gjaidstein

OE/OO-001 Hoher Dachstein

OE/OO-149 Grosser Koppenkarstein.

All the summits are almost 3000 m ASL, but the cable car brings you up
to 2600 m. The rest are very nice Klettersteigs, not very difficult. But
you definitely need appropriate equipment and good weather.

No problem to find many chasers on 2 m FM from the summits.

Enjoy and have fun.

73, Ruda OK2QA