I’ve just seen this little radio. It’s small, lightweight and delivers 25w on 2m and 20w on 70cms. At just over £35 I reckon it would make a great SOTA rig. Anybody tried one out on a summit?

73 Mick M0MDA

BY-land tat.

That looks identical to the Moonraker MT-270M which was advertised at £79.96 a few months ago and was reviewed in December’s Radcom. The reviewer liked it but I have heard people saying that its filtering is of the barn-door variety.


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Your probally right Andy. I’d be interested to know if they are any good.

Yes Brian, it looks the same. I think the Moonraker was a 10w radio.

No, I’ve just pulled out the review, the MT-270M is 25/20 watts with a 10 watt low power setting. It includes an FM BC receiver which mutes automatically if a call is received. The only defect the reviewer reported was the tuning knob seemed to miss steps sometimes.

I’d say its probably worth a punt as a standby radio or mobile, and at 408 grams looks good for SOTA barring that reported poor filtering.


Ok Brian. It’s good value for the price, if it’s any good. The missed tuning steps could get annoying.

73 Mick M0MDA

Hi Mick,
Well at that price see what happens and buy it. Just regard it as a expensive lottery ticket :wink: When you get it post a review here or somewhere.

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I lose £4 on the lottery most week Mike, one of these radios may be a better bet.

73 Mick

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Missed tuning steps on a new radio is indicative of all you need to know about build quality/software quality.

It’s cheap for a reason and not because you have to add on the missing VAT and postage.

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I have one… Well, the Moonraker variety, which I got ‘cheap’… in my car… if someone’s going to steal my car, I’d rather have this in it than a one that costs 3-4 times as much :wink:

Never tried it on a summit, although my observations based on having it in the car would be:

  • Yup, barn door filtering :frowning: Driving twice weekly down the M5, constant pager breakthrough between Worcester and Cheltenham. Driving past the M4/A419 junction near Swindon, I just used to turn the rig off… constant LOUD pager noise, I assume it was from the big hospital nearby.
  • Would frequently require the mic key to be momentarily pressed when changing channel, otherwise nothing would be heard.
  • Every signal received just pushed the LCD ‘S’ meter to the max!
  • Having a menu controlled squelch is a PITA, a knob would be far superior…

I have successfully chased a SOTA summit with it (one pointer) Although I did the same with an 857, but that was a 2 pointer :smile:
Having said all that, it’s TINY, I would imagine it would probably fit in an average pocket, and with a small LIPO, and roll up J-Pole or slim jim it would work just about OK, as long as there were no pager antennas nearby. If nothing else, it would make a nice hand warmer :slight_smile:


Miklor has a page on the KT8900 and a review.


Also available on Amazon Prime so not worries about import duty and VAT


I bought one but it was back in it’s box within 30 minutes with a returns label on due to it being somewhat deaf, plus the other niggles previously mentioned on here.

I saw this rig being sold by Moonraker at a rally last year. They were obviously rebadging it and selling it for £79.99. I was struck by how small it was, pretty light and quite rugged. It seems perfect for SOTA but suspected something has to give even at that over inflated price.

It sounds like this is much like a Baofeng in that it’s temptingly cheap, struggles on receive and has poor filtering. It’ll definitely make you some contacts from summits but you’re going to struggle if conditions are down and there’s any nearby masts :smile:

My approach to getting a cheap rig for the car was to buy an old Trio TM -201A on eBay for £26 plus a bit of postage. Have been using it from home. It is very sensitive and almost too good to put in the car. Maybe I should buy one of these cheap Chinese rigs…

73, Gerald G4OIG