VHF/UHF SOTA frequencies in Japan

Hi all,

I’m headed to Japan in a week or so, and if all goes well, I am hoping to activate a summit or two around the Tokyo, Kyoto, and Hiroshima areas. I am very constrained on space, so will be taking an MTR and some wire for CW, and an HT for VHF/UHF FM. I was hoping for some suggestions on frequencies to use for VHF and UHF.

Any suggestions are much appreciated,

Scott - W1ZU / JI1SUF

Hi Scott,

Likewise, I am heading to Japan (in June), and found that the radios in Japan must be approved for use and sadly, the MTR is not on the list. I understand it is a relatively simple process to have a radio approved though.
Instead, I will be taking an FT-817.
Will be interested to hear about summits in the Kyoto area.

Glenn VK3YY.

Thanks Glenn,

Yes, I submitted paperwork for the MTR and got the go-ahead from JARL. I received a few station stickers as well, as I have a mobile/portable license.

I’m fairly limited in regards to transportation as well, but if I learn anything about Kyoto summits while in the area, I’ll be sure to share.

Scott - W1ZU / JI1SUF

OK Scott,

That’s great to hear that you have a go ahead to use the MTR in Japan. Maybe I will take mine although I think that you have to nominate the radios on the licence application form which I have already submitted.
My daughter is near Kyoto and I am hoping that they can drive to to some nearby summits. They have also planned a hike up Mt. Fuji.

Glenn, VK3YY.