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VHF/UHF is alive and well


Not at all in good old Austria!

73, Alfred OE5AKM


And there lies the problem!

Outside of local ragchewing nets and some contests, it is a rare occurrence that anybody does “give it a shot” over here in Germany. One would think that with HF in the doldrums, VHF would pick up some slack, but it hasn’t.

73, Martin


If several activators in one SOTA region agreed to start doing regular VHF activations, and/or organised VHF SOTA activity weekends, you would soon get people monitoring 2m and working the activators. It’s easy with the internet to promote something and spread awareness, and get more people involved. Just needs someone to say “Hey, let’s do this” - kind of like what a certain G3WGV did in 2002 - and look what happened!


Despite the doom and gloom merchants, there’s still VHF stations to be worked out there. Last Sunday, I knocked off 104 2m fm contacts from a HEMA summit with nothing more than an X-50 colinear.


There is not the slightest chance to do so in Austria.

73, Alfred, OE5AKM


update May 14th: I worked K9PM at a distance of 242 KM on my rubber duck to southern Arizona on 1296 FM, 1 watt.

OK…he did have a 10 element yagi and was on a peak…but I was on the Alinco duck antenna.



Could have been 106…


I’ve sort of got back into VHF again. May have a crack at my score of 244 contacts working 2m fm from G/SP-004 Shining Tor on 24/07/2011. Quite a day as I recall. Always regretted not staying for 250.

I carried a brand new 20ah SLAB and a newish 12ah SLAB to the summit as well as an X-300 colinear and FT-857. The rucksack was very heavy. Sadly, I hurt the 20Ah SLAB by over discharging it. Still, it was well worth it, a really great day. The hardest part of the activation, was logging it.


it is a rare occurrence that anybody does “give it a shot” over here in Germany.

Martin, it’s the other way round: regular SOTA chasers are rare in an VHF activator’s logbook. The Z say, you’re from Hannover. There are some activators around who mainly or frequently play on VHF. Most of them are out on the first Tuesdays, so please give us a shot! Or even better, go to the Annaturm* DM/NS-122 on a first Tuesday and have fun with a HB9CV and 20 W!

Looking forward to working you on VHF!

Ahoi aus Linden

*Don’t climb the tower, it’s closed at night. The terrace of the summit café is a decent shack.


There is not the slightest chance to do so in Austria.

Unless you actually try it.:wink:



Well, I tried! Maybe you manage to work 6 stations on VHF but not 104!

73, Alfred, OE5AKM


Alfred, the point is to climb a summit and to have fun on VHF. :slightly_smiling_face:
Fast recovery!



You are right; that’s why I do it! :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Alfred, OE5AKM


4 QSOs is the target. So 6 is every bit as successful as 104.


Hi Alfred, The summit I was activating on Sunday was just 337m ASL and not SOTA.

If the activation had been on a Saturday and not Sunday, from a summit such as Shining Tor, G/SP-004 at 559m ASL, the number of contacts would have easily exceeded 150. The IO83 square is still a hot spot for VHF.

73 Mike


But that’s G-land - not Austria. I envy you!

73, Alfred, OE5AKM


Apparently the NAC SSB and CW crowd is still around. Good for them! Unfortunately, a lack of functional equipment prevents me from checking in with them, and I find it difficult to stick around for scheduled activities anyway. But it’s not all about SOTA and contests.

In the meantime, I’ve tried FM a number of times and was disappointed with the general lack of responses to (unscheduled) calls, even from elevated points like a high-rise building, the Deister hills, or even the Brocken. The calling frequencies seem mostly dead. I guess people just do not expect anybody to call any more, and consequently don’t call themselves. I kind of have given up, too.

73, Martin


I’ve never had problems in Austria. I have always been under the impression that a great deal of activations in OE are on 2m FM. Judging by the amount of traffic around 145.500 I’d say 2m FM is pretty popular. At least more popular than here in Slovakia.

I have never had any problems on 2m in Niederoessterreich/Steiermark region.I wouldn’t say that the numbers are in the hundreds or even twenties, but I have always managed at least 4 mandatory qsos.


But it’s not all about SOTA and contests.

The Tuesday nights are only the most powerful argument and an opportunity to chase more than one summit station. On a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning, the QSO figures certainly can’t compare to a Tuesday night and you better use SSB than FM. However, it’s fun, too.

In the meantime, I’ve tried FM a number of times and was disappointed

That’s exactly my experience in DM/NS. SSB is the answer. :wink:
Especially on the Brocken it’s good to have a decent RX to avoid blocking. Most HT fail due to the high overall level of RF. The other day I had to use 50 W on the Seven Summits near Alfeld to be heard by an activator on the Brocken using a HT - that’s 62 km LOS.