VHF tropo-DX: s2s Friday, 15th?

Anybody fancy an s2s attempt on 144 MHz SSB the coming Friday?
Hepburn looks rather good and hopefully I will be out from 1200z.

s2s and DX appreciated, however any takers will be welcome. I’ll activate from DM/TH (JO50) and will be using 75W into 2x5 ele DK7ZB. Condx depending I may also be QRV on 70 cm (40 W @ 2x7 ele).


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OEK: Ska lyssnas för STHLM! :+1: Locatoren korrigerades.

3cms QSOs between IO84 and IO80 being reported as well as PI7ALK being heard in IO84… conditions may be good. Sadly I’ll be at work :frowning:

Yap, tropo started this mornig exactly as expected. :star_struck:

Yes, there was indeed Tropo bringing 2m FM band alive today. From North Yorkshire I heard M6NSV/P on Titterstone Clee Hill at 54 on S20 when I was beaming to Cross Fell NP-001 in Cumbria, but when I turned the beam south M6NSV had dissapeared. It must have been a very good reflection. I turned the beam back to Cumbria and didn’t hear M6NSV again.

73 Phil

I do my very best, Pom! By the way. 75 W, have you turn up your FT-857?

73 Chris

ODX on Trop for me here today was a QSO at 15:19z with Neil M6NSV/P on G/WB-002 Brown Clee Hill. Distance = 230 Kms.

73 Phil

Hej Chris,

will be pleased to work you. Though I don`t think we need tropo to complete. I don’t have the 23 cm gear with me, so we have to try on 2 m. :wink:
I’ve just found that I forgot the laptop charger in the meeting room today. As I’ll have to work tomorrow, it will take some time to get me one from the blöd market. This might delay the activation a bit, hopefully not that much.

@Phil: 230 km usually is my avarage distance of a 2 m activation. :wink:
Would love to get you in my log, but the condx to Golfland seem not that good tomorrow. Will listen and call in every direction though.


Not as good as expected, but a nice afternoon out anyway.
9 QSO’s, ODX DL6KA 358 km, s2s DF9ME/p (GMA DA/BM-013), s2mobile DL1GBM/m, s2portable DL1CR/p. DL1CR stopped on his way home from a SOTA activation to set up his station and to work me, not from a SOTA reference though.