VHF National Field Day 6/7 July


I’m told that it’s UHF national field day, running from 14:00 UTC on Saturday 6th to 14:00 on Sunday… but the bit that interests me is the 144 MHz backpackers contest running from 11:00 to 15:00 UTC tomorrow (Sunday).

I might head to a summit to see if I can get some QSOs from afar seeing as there could be flurry of activity - is that a thing, and is it allowed for an activation?

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Actually it’s VHF field day. There are UHF contests where the lowest frequencies used are on the 70cm
band, Stations are QRV on possiblly 6m (today only), 2m, 70cms, 23cms. Tomorrow stations will be QRV on 4m instead of 6m.

Currently operating as GM3HAM/P on 6m, 2m and 70cms from SW Scotland.

EDIT: Yes, you can work contest stations from your summit activation. They probably will not be interested in your SOTA ref but just your locator square. Also most will be on SSB using horizontal polarisation. But do go out and call and try no matter what gear you have.


DOH! Yes, I meant VHF (very tired only 4h of sleep). I’ve edited the title in case it misleads anyone.

Thanks - if the weather plays ball, I’ll head up to a summit (though likely to be one I’ve activated already). Quite curious.


Double Doh!

Your post title said 6/7 June. I’ve changed it for you. You really should get some sleep.:wink:



Honestly, I’m absolutely not functioning. :rofl:

I had a heck of a week at work (covered some 900 miles or so)… no sleep… it’s a miracle I passed my intermediate exam this morning. Early night for me. :innocent:

QRT until tomorrow.


Congratulations! You’ll be asking @MM0FMF Andy how to change your callsign on here next.


Thank you! Cognitive function has been restored after some rest.

I did have a scan at different times on Saturday, nothing heard but home QTH isn’t the best.

A quick scan on Sunday didn’t yield any results, however I was experimenting with different antennas on a summit so it wasn’t a dedicated effort.


Conditions weren’t brilliant Omar. On 2m my contest group ran an IC9700 at 100W into a 10λ antenna (5m long, 17ele) up at 10m. All SSB operation because someone forgot the paddles (oops!) Best DX was a station just South of Paris at about 820km. I think we worked the same station in France on 70cms using another IC9700, 100W, 35ele Yagi at 8m. Not sure how well the 6/4m team did but I think we didn’t have any SpE this year :frowning:


I had a listen at the SSB portion of the 2m band yesterday when I was up Lendrick hill GM/SS-190, but didn’t hear anything. But by the sounds of it I was “behind you” if your main focus was to the South.
I didn’t hear anything on 6m either so would concur with the the lack of SpE this weekend.


No time spent working VHF NFD from home this year as I only got home from Luxembourg the day before, so I was too busy. I did work John Earnshaw @G4YSS on G/NP-008 Great Whernside on 144.345 SSB after he spotted himself early on Sunday Morning.

73 Phil G4OBK


You wouldn’t hear us unless we beamed that way, too many mountains between us. We were down near Gatehouse of Fleet, so all the rock around Merrick etc. then The Pentlands to get past.


But you (and Pete) made it past the Cairngorms - aircraft scatter is such a useful facility