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VHF Fun Day Sunday 2nd Jan 2011

There have been whispers and a few emails exchanged regarding a VHF Fun Day for the 2nd January 2011. I think 12:00 is a good time. I understand that this is fairly short notice but if anyone would like to play out I’m up for giving it a go. Wx permitting of course.

I will post an alert in due course so activators can grab their local pimple if they choose to do so. I will initially alert for 145.500 FM and 144.300 SSB and I’m aware that alerting/spotting these frequencies is far from ideal but if there is a fair amount of activity the bands may be busy. If free I prefer to use 145.325 FM and 144.325 SSB for my activations.

So, anyone fancy a stroll in the hills?

73 Chris 2E0FSR

In reply to 2E0FSR :

On that day I will be staying at the hut by the hostel in the Coppermines Valley with G/LD-013 on the doorstep, therefore if weather and snow conditions permit I will activate the Old Man of Coniston…I hope he doesn’t mind…


Brian G8ADD

In reply to 2E0FSR :

Rather unlikely this New Year Chris. Paul and I will be out on 30th December and neither of us have sufficient Brownie points to run another activation so soon afterwards. Hoping to get out a little later in January.

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4OIG:

Hi Chris

I was going to do some of the bigger hills in the WB area! However I will leave that for a while, Will try and get out on WB-012 High Vinnals! I started my 2010 campaign there so I can think of nowhere better to start my 2011 campaign!

Look forward to it, I will also be on 4 metres and 23cms!


Matt 2E0XTL

In reply to 2E0XTL:

Hi All

I will be on Boulsworth Hill G/SP-008 which i also did last year, will also have 4 metres ans 23 cms with me

73s Phil G1OPV

I tried to edit the spots I had put up for the VHF Fun Day but the ‘Edit’ button is nowhere to be seen. Am I missing something?

73 Chris 2E0FSR

In reply to 2E0FSR :
Check that you are actually logged in Chris.
Top right of screen.

Roger G4OWG

17:49 just added an alert here and edit button is there :slight_smile: ???

In reply to G4OWG:

I’m logged in Roger as I have the option to ‘add new alert’. Just no option to edit???

73 Chris 2E0FSR

In reply to 2E0FSR :

Strange. Would you like me to delete any alerts you have and then you can re-enter them? That will get you moving forward why we figure out why you can’t edit them.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager.

In reply to 2E0FSR :

Hi all…Karen and I will have a wander up Moel Famau!..Will operate 2m fm and ssb…also 4m fm.

In reply to Andy MM0FMF,

It’s fine as it is at the moment Andy. Only thing that may change is the summit. Strange though that my ‘edit’ button has done a runner.

Neil & Karen, excellent it will be good to work you.

This 4M lark seems to be growing in popularity.

73 Chris 2E0FSR

Chris - when you were looking at your alert, were you logged in? This could be the simple answer as to why you couldn’t see the ‘Edit’ option.


In reply to M1EYP:

Yep, deffo logged in Tom. Strange isn’t it?

73 Chris 2E0FSR

In reply to 2E0FSR:

Chris, can you do me a favour. Can you send a screen grab of what is being displayed by your browser. (You may know how to do this but in case you don’t here are some instructions.)

Get your browser to display the alerts page
and then press Shift + Print Screen. This will take a snapshot of the screen you are seeing. Goto Windows Paint (Start>Programs>Accessories>Paint) and press Ctrl + V. This will paste the screen shot into the document. Save this picture and then email it to me at mm0fmf_sota AT intermoose.com (replace the AT with @). I’ll have a look at what you are seeing and see if that explains your problem with edits.


Weather seems ok for tomorrow. First summit of New Year so really looking forward to it. My friend M3UNG Neil is taking his 817 so we will have two radios set up for 2M. One on FM and the other on SSB. Both with SOTA beams so hopefully work some S2S and plenty of Chasers too.

73 Chris 2E0FSR

In reply to 2E0FSR:
I too look forward to some s2s as well as many chasers tommorow from cleeve hill. Aswell as VHF I’ll have a handy for some UHF contacts, and a vertical with atu for some HF too, weather depending I’ll hopefully be up there most o the day, or till the batteries have given up.
Also this is my 1st G activation so I’ll try to give the correct callsign as much as possible and apologies if you do hear the Scotland locator, old habits die hard as they say.

HNY to you all


In reply to 2E0FSR:
Hi Chris,
Will be listening for you and other activators.
XYL has to work and needs car so will only be chasing tomorrow :frowning:

Roger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

That was indeed a fun day :slight_smile:

I was not out myself today so was only chasing, which at times was quite challenging with several activations going on at the same time on 2 metres.

The spots were coming in thick & fast for a few hours around early afternoon with many opportunities for VHF summit to Summit contacts. I hope all activators who were out on the hills today had fun & that chasers got to work all those they could hear.

The level of activity certainly shows that the weather has improved from that we had in the UK leading up to Christmas!

Best 73 to all & a hppy new Year!

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:
Yes indeed it was a great fun day on the hills - though it was -1.5°C and dropping. I heard you on one channel but never managed the chance to have a QSO.

As you said Mark it was a bit busy and where to go next was a bit daunting a times but I did get 10 S2S so was happy with that.

Thanks to everyone I talked to today and all the best for the New Year and hope you all got home safe.


Neil 2M0NCM

In reply to 2E0FSR:
As an amateur that never really goes below 50MHz may I just say how nice it was to hear so much activity on VHF and UHF Today!! Today the three of us operated on WB-012 High Vinnals, with 4 different bands! We had 2m SSB (2E0BTR) and FM, 4m FM QRO courtesy of Dave M0MYA, 6m FM and finally 23cm FM!

Why can’t the VHF/UHF bands be like this all the time! I have no qualms with HF and do occasionally operate from home on the bands, but why when you have metres of rock underneath you do people not take full advantage of VHF/UHF!!

This should be a 4 times per year event in the SOTA Calendar!

HNY and 73 Matt 2E0XTL (Should be 2E1 HI)