VHF DATABASE Issue 2.40 - 10/2007

Hallo dear SOTA friends,

we are trying to spread out the next issue of the VHF-DATABASE
in begin of october 2007. It will be available for all USER and
DXC-Sysops again.
As well there will be a new CALL3.TXT and MS-DATABASE!

PLEASE do update your DATA now soon at MMMonVHF:

After Login you will be able to edit your own DATA online!
kind regards, sincerely

73 de D L 8 E B W Guido (Guy)
qrv from JO31NF for VHF-DX: MS & EME
RIG: IC275H 2*12elM2 750W ATF-Preamp

A Team-Member of MMMonVHF DX Portal
look: http://www.MMMonVHF.de/
Email: dl8ebw@MMMonVHF.de