Very Windy Condx Selworthy Beacon

In the wake of Storm Doris it was possibly a bit foolish to attempt a SOTA activation, but hey! Thanks to those few that helped me qualify Selworthy Beacon, G/SC-005 today.

Getting to the summit is normally really really easy but today the wind certainly tried very hard to prevent me reaching it. Putting up the EFHW was tricky at the same time trying to ensure all my stuff didn’t blow away! Anyway I managed just 5 QSOs before I gave up; most unlike me as I usually stay on the summit for a while and use a number of bands. Somehow managed to make it back to the car with the pole still intact and I don’t think I lost anything.

I will be activating Dunkery Beacon, G/SC-001, tomorrow morning so I am hoping it wont be so windy.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Well done Andrew! I thought I was a bit mad yesterday to activate G/WB-002 Brown Clee Hill in mist and driving drizzle. But at least it does have a concrete post and a hollow on the sheltered side to pitch the beach tent so plenty of 60m contacts were obtained in dry/sheltered conditions. It is really satisfying to qualify in adverse conditions - one demonstrates that the impossible is possible. Well done again and all the best for G/SC001.

73s, Alastair, M0TYM

A wild day, here, with enough branches down along the street to keep a solid fuel household in kindling for a year! My antennas are still up, thank heavens, and the roar of wind in the trees has faded. Well done for braving it!

Windy day here as well (80-100 Km/hr) and from the weather forecast it looks like Doris might be coming around to have another go tomorrow, so any activators planning to go out tomorrow across Europe should take extra care!


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