Very tough conditions today 17/APR/2021

Pffff… :sweat:

Thanks for the contacts yesterday Roger. I thought 60m was particularly active on my first summit and did not bother with the higher bands due to time constraints. Whilst the storm conditions are bad, there are often good openings both before and after.
73 de OE6FEG

Yep, another day of bad numbers (18th). Only about 3 or 4
signals on 40M in the “CQ-MM” contest this morning (1400 UTC).
I’ll still be trying though !
John, K6YK

Hi Matt @OE6FEG

I was happy to be the first on 60m CW activation (OE/ST-418) other morning and not so far (4° on 2 minutes) on your second activation on 30m (OE/ST-371) for a new unique :+1:
Wasn’t QRV on your third !!

73 Keep the good work with your OCFD antenna !


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At 1544z moving a bit


Closing my daily log without any chance to work NA, wasn’t not too bad

not sure on LA9EH/P was vy weak :frowning:

73 Éric


Thanks for making my log today Eric. Tough going but loads of chasers in the log.

73 Allan GW4VPX

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Thanks. Big improvements on 60m and 30m, as you would expect after trimming the 2 antennas to be a half wave on each band respectively. I should have gone for this arrangement years ago. Can’t wait for the higher bands to open up in a few years, 15m is going to be a blast.
73 Matt

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Interesting information here:

Solar Cycle Update | (


I worked a couple EU stations today on the summit, but not as strong as usual. I also herd lots of people calling in the noise level that I couldn’t make out.

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For your information: the northern light/aurora was the past weekend 17/18 April visible in the Netherlands, this indicates the strength of the geomagnetic storm which tells you something about the effect on HF propagation. As far as I understand it was the result of a coronal hole in direction earth.


20/04/2021 06:25 > better today



From lowly 2-pointer W2/GC-072 on Tuesday running 6 watts CW to linked dipole inverted vee on 60/40/30/20/17M… There were only a few European DX contacts on 20M. Most activity was within 1,500 miles. Color legend: Rose 60M, Green 40M; Orange 30M; Blue 20M; Violet 17M.

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Wow, Mike ! look at all the QSOs in the east. It really thins out farther to the west. You had a good signal in the morning on 20M (On the 20th). The 19th was awful, I got 1 summit that day, and it was about 60 miles from me! Nothing else all day. I sure hope things improve!
John, K6YK

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Tough times yesterday for 20 ssb here in Alberta. I broke out the amp from storage and was running 50 watts vs 12 watts. Still had a hard time and low signal reports.
A co-activator almost got skunked and was saved by VHF local contacts.