Very cold Monte Terminillo I/LZ-305 IZ0ETE, IZ0FYL & IW0HK

Hello Om!
Today together with Lele IZ0ETE and Luca IZ0FYL we have activated Mount Terminillo I / LZ-305 2,217 meters in winter condition, climbing using ski (Luca) and snowshoes. The conditions were not the best, very cold weather and wind, in some places it would have been better to have crampons but in any case we were able to climb together with my 12-year-old son Emilio.

We did a very very fast activation, 5/6 qso each in 20 meters using the KX2 Elecraft by Lele IZ0ETE equipped with its loaded telescopic antenna. It was too cold to stay longer on the summit and it had also started snowing slowly. Overall a beautiful day in the mountains and radio! 73 Andrea IW0HK