Very Affordable Custom CW Paddle Covers for the Shack

For all of you that have a nice key in the shack that you want to keep protected and use at the same time, I found an Etsy seller that makes CUSTOM acrylic products who made the custom key cover shown in the attached picture for less than $15! It’s perfect and you cannot beat the price. The key shown in the picture is my dual paddle key made by Yury UR5CDX from Ukraine. Excellent key for the money.

If you are interested in getting a custom key cover see this Etsy seller. Provide them with the exact dimensions with paddle and cord cut out placements as you want them.


Or, for those too frugal for $15, here’s a Rubbermaid container that covers my $300 Begali signature paddle. Big enough to work for almost any paddle. Easy to take off. Costs about $4 :wink:

I looked for a nice plastic cover when I got the paddle but options like the one from Etsy were around $70