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Vertice geodésico

Three weeks ago I actived this vértice geodésico un front of Montserrat mountains, near Barcelona.

72 QSOs on 40m band.

Hope you enjoy.


Is this a SOTA activation as well?

Not Sota, only Vértice geodésico

OK. Well this website is for SOTA activations and chase reports but we do allow some off topic posting. Please include some SOTA content next time.

Hola Jon,
Vemos que estás perfectamente equipado para subir montañas y activar en HF desde la cima.
Las cimas con prominencia >150m de EA tienen su referencia SOTA y en muchos casos -si no en casi todos- tienen además vértice geodésico con su referencia correspondiente para el diploma de vértices geodésicos de España.
Esperamos escucharte y ver los reportajes de tus próximas activaciones en cimas SOTA que, además serán Vértice Geodésico.
Por favor, no olvides poner una alerta en SOTAwatch anunciando tu próxima activación SOTA. Estaremos encantados de cazarte.


We can see you are perfectly equipped to hike to the mountains and carry out HF activations.
The EA summits with prominence >150m have got their SOTA reference and in many cases -if not almost all- they also have a geodesic vertex (trig point) with a corresponding reference for the Spanish Geodesic Vertex award.
We hope to copy you and see the reports of your next SOTA activations which at the same time will be Geodesic Vetex.
Please, don’t forget announcing your next SOTA activation by raising an Alert on SOTAwatch. We’ll be pleased to chase you.



Ok, sorry. Next time I’m going to made a Sota activity.

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