Vermont SOTA Weekend

Hey everyone, the coming weekend weather is looking decent so I’m going to go ahead and announce this. I’ll be doing a trip through Vermont the weekend of August 27, 28, and 29 and activating as many mountains as I can drive up or ride a ski lift up. It’s going to take a lot of cooperation from the weather, as a lot of those ski lifts will shut down if it’s too windy.

Times are really loose on this trip so I don’t want to post a bunch of alerts that end up being garbage. It’s entirely possible we will get distracted by a restaurant or distillery along the way and have to push something back. Or, we might skip a peak in favor of a more fun one.

I’ll be on 20/30/40 CW but also have my HT with me. Basic plans are:


  • W1/NK-004 - Burke Mountain, 4 points, afternoon.
  • W1/GM-087 - Jay Peak, 8 points, afternoon.


  • W1/GM-001, Mount Mansfield, 10 points, morning, probably 2m FM only.
  • W1/GM-149, Mount Philo, 1 point, unlikely (unless Mansfield is very quick).
  • W1/GM-169, Bear Hill, 1 point, early afternoon.
  • W1/GM-008, Ascutney, 4 points, mid-afternoon.
  • W1/GM-037, Ludlow Mountain, 6 points, evening (might do this on Sunday morning instead).


  • W1/GM-003, Equinox Mountain, 8 points, morning.
  • W1/GM-007, Stratton Mountain, 10 points, morning.
  • W1/GM-032, Mount Snow, 6 points, afternoon.
  • W1/MB-001, Mount Greylock, 6 points, early evening.

The careful observer might notice I’m skipping W1/GM-002, Killington. I’ve already been up there this year so I decided to skip it in favor of things that’ll get me points. Anyway, that’s the plan. I’m hoping to make a ton of contacts and put a lot of points in the log for a change this year. Hope to hear from you.


Hi Chris. I’ll be looking for you. Thanks for the alert.
73, Al N1AW