Venus QRP CW transceiver SW-3C

At the same price as the SW-3B


It’s a huge disappointment that the form factor has been changed… The SW3B was pretty much perfect, it just needed the power output meter to make it sweet. Reverting to a standard radio form is a backward step for SOTA ops in my opinion.



Same opinion !

Looking at the shop page, it seems to suggest that the form factor had to change because of a change of DDS chip:

Note: Since current quality of SI5351 is not stable, we’ve changed the DDS chip from Si Lab’s to ADI’s, we have birdy issue on some frequencies with new design, we might change some diagram or make a new case to eliminate the birdies, stay tuned.

Doesn’t seem to bode well for SW-3B.
73 Matt

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Venus announced on Facebook that they fixed the birdies on the SW-3B.

OK, so a storm in tea cup really. SW-3B will be available again soon, disaster averted.

I think there’s a market for the SW-3C - those on a tight budget who want a CW QRP radio with a couple of bands, and don’t plan to operate portable. I could easily see this radio on a shelf in my cabin in the mountains. Well, that’s if I had a cabin :wink:


I agree. Keep the display facing up for SOTA.

On the other hand, it looks like there might be enough space in there to fit a battery, a proper memory keyer, a tuner/swr indicator or maybe a speaker.

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