VE7 Visit

Looking to touch base with any VE7 amateurs re some easy summits to activate around Vancouver. Late June / early July.
Nan & I will be going through Whistler and was wondering about the logistics of setting up a KX3 and Alex loop there; failing that there is always the hand held!
What likely hood of a 6 metre FM contact (as the challenge will be running?)
I do need to consult the itinerary further to see where we are driving to.
Cheers for now Tony VK3CAT

I’ll be there around the same time Tony, will listen out for you.

Roger MW0IDX

If you are coming east to Calgary, Alberta in VE6-land, there are a couple of SOTA activators here who would be glad to give you some suggestions.

Tony -

I’m doubtful about 6m FM activity, but do try 50.125 SSB as there is often someone monitoring that 6m calling frequency. You might post your activation plans (time, date, frequency, grid, lat/lon) to the Pacific Northwest VHF Society for any activity on 6m and up - there are a good number of VE7 and Washington State folks active on those bands: Redirecting to Google Groups.


Will be in Vancouver from 24th June to 1st July. VE7/GV-009 may be a possibility. Will be relying on public transport to get around.
Picking up a car after this and heading through Whistler & Kamloops to Barriere.
Hoping to get to VE7/SL-019 en route.
Visiting Jasper, Revelstoke, Banff before heading home from Vancouver mid - July
Ian, will not be getting that far East towards Calgary.
Roger, I will have my VX-7R with me.
Etienne, sounds like 6 metres FM is not well utilised over your way either? My thoughts on FM was that I may simply be able to use the VX-7R from Mt. Whistler as I am not sure of if I would have room or even be permitted to set up the KX3; the mag loop could be OK but doubtful for a wire antenna? The VX-7R would certainly make for a quicker activation as we have a fair amount of ground to cover in order to get to Barriere.
Thanks all for the comments, still browsing the SOTA maps.
Cheers Tony VK3CAT