VE6IXD First VE6 (Alberta, Canada) Goat

Hearty congratulations to Ian, VE6IXD for becoming the first Mountain Goat in Alberta, and only the third in Canada. This milestone was reached on January 13, 2019 on VE6/RA-094 (with the picturesque local name GE69), in fabulous wx, and resulted in a nice pileup of well-wishers. Ian was welcomed to the summit with coffee and snacks by VE6VID (Malen) and VE6LCE (Rich) (and spouse Lynn), and was joined by long-standing sherpa buddy John, friend Eric, and fellow activators VE6JHH, VE6LEW and VE6AGR.

It took a lot of dedication on Ian’s part to join the elite Goat herd: although SOTA in Alberta is wonderful due to the scenery, lack of access restrictions, wildlife-viewing opportunities, etc., it is no soft touch: no such thing as a drive-up summit, generally long approach hikes with considerable elevation gain, challenging Rocky Mountain terrain and wx, hazardous critters, etc. (I have absolutely no desire to get a purposeless thread started here, about who has the toughest SOTA association; I’m just sayin’ … )

In the first five years or so of the VE6 Association, it was mainly held together on the activator side by Ian and the association manager, Walker, VA6MCB. During the last three years, Ian has gradually attracted a small-but-keen group of VE6 activators and chasers, so that SOTA now has a solid profile in the regional amateur radio community.

I’m sure Ian would want to extend his sincere thanks to the chasers, especially the hard-core ones – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - who made this milestone possible, and that also goes for the rest of us (usually half-frozen) VE6 activators! And we really want to thank Ian for being our mentor and inspiration and Walker VA6MCB for taking on the Association Manager chores. What a great time we’ve had: winter, summer, wind, rain, sun, wildlife (including coyotes, bears, cougars, moose, elk, and VE6VID). Any of you traveling activators out there, if you are planning to pass through Alberta and are looking for an adventure, send us a note …

VE6IXD (right) with 817 and celebratory Scotch


Congratulations Ian on achieving MG. Many thanks for all the VE6 summits along the way. I was especially happy to work you on your MG summit today.

73 Rich N4EX

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Congratulations! Thanks for the Summit today too!

Kent K9EZ

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Excellent work Ian! Always happy when I’m able to get you in the log. Congratulations on making Mountain Goat!

Keith KR7RK

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Congratulations on your amazing achievement.

Mark. M0NOM

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Well done Ian,congratulations.Look forward to working you again. 73 Don G0RQL.

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Congratulations Ian on being the first activator in Alberta to achieve Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations, Ian, for achieving the rank of Mountain Goat—well done!

Paul K9PM

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Nice signal down here in Tucson on your goat day.
Welcome to the herd and BAAAA!


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Here’s a great drone’s eye view of Ian’s Goat activation, captured by VE6LEW (Lewis)


Lewis caught me when I was trying to top up.
Ian has been a great motivator and mentor to most of us here is VE6 land, thank you and congrats Ian.


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OK, last picture; this one’s my fave …


Congratulations Ian! I’m glad I could participate in your MG activation. From the sounds coming from the background the achievement was properly celebrated!

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Great job Ian, congratulations to you. thanks for the chaser points from Alberta.
73 GL

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Well done Ian! 73, Simon

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Congrats, Ian. Always loud in San Francisco on the mighty vertical.

Elliott, K6EL

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Thank you all for your good wishes. SOTA is such a great activity, and I have really enjoyed the people I have met, and the places I have been. Certainly without the impetus provided by SOTA I would not have operated in other countries, nor experimented with so many bands and modes.
And lots of stories, of course. Four hours late on a summit after aiding a truck-driver who had slid off a single lane-dirt track - he was there because his computer had told him this was the way around a blockage on the trans-Canada highway! The 20 university students trying to catch Mountain White butterflies with nets - it was like a Victorian dance tableau around my station! Being accosted by a determined-looking woman wearing a T-shirt with large lettering “Want to know the Truth?” and realizing at the last moment it said in small letters underneath “then use science”.

I’m looking forward to more adventures, and I hope to talk to you all on the air

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Congratulations on your accomplishment!
Peter KD0YOB

Congratulations Ian. Thanks for all the activations.

Congrats Ian and welcome to the herd! You’re very fortunate to live near some of the great mountains of NA. Keep up the great work activating and chasing.

73, Brad