VE6 visit

I’d like to thank Ken VE6AGR and Ryan for a grand visit yesterday Sept 14/18. We spent the afternoon activating South Mountain VE1/NS-012 together under beautiful blue skies. We did a little exploring of the area and then headed back home for a BBQ. Ken presented me with a SOTA flag which was gladly accepted and appreciated. Looking forward to visiting him sometime in VE6 land where the mountains are a plenty.
Again Ken, thanks for a grand time and fellowship.


Come on out to VE6 land. We try to look after visitors when we know in advance. Unlike Ken, I still work a day job but always trying to help out.


May try and make this trip as early as next year if things pan out. Looking forward to it.

Paul, you are very kind; it was indeed a great day, you were a fabulous host, and it’s always fun to activate in a different association. Malen is quite right that we’d love to take you up a hill or two in VE6 land at some point. Thanks again and 73,