My wife and I chased an activator on VE6/BK-017 (Poker Peak) today. We attempted to add the record in the chaser database and there was a drop-down for the summit. But when we tried to save the record, we got an error message that the summit was invalid. We tried to find it in the summits list, but 017 was skipped. It was also not listed in Sota Maps.

Is this a valid summit?

Ron, KI4TN

If you couldn’t enter it then can 99.9999999% it was not valid for the date in question.

You can find out about about every summit that has been part of SOTA by using the list and find summit features.

On either database application, from the menu select Summits then Find Summit. You then enter enough info about the summit to find it… that could be a partial or full name or partial or full summit reference. I typed ‘Poker’ and pressed find and a list of possible summits was returned.

SOTA Reference	Summit Name	Summit Info.
VE6/BK-017	Poker Peak	Summit Info
VE6/BK-072	Poker Peak	Summit Info
W7A/AP-042	Poker Mountain	Summit Info
W7I/ER-062	Poker Peak	Summit Info
W7M/LI-188	Poker Hill	Summit Info
W7O/CE-062	Poker Jim Ridge	Summit Info

There is VE6/BK-017 Poker Peak in the list. So then click on link Summit Info and the full info on the summit is displayed including

Scoring History

From To Score Bonus
01/Oct/2012 01/Jul/2016 2 3 points between 1 December and 31 March

So VE6/BK-017 Poker Peak was a 2pt summit that was invalidated on 1st July 2016. I don’t why but probably new data became available that showed it no longer met the criteria for inclusion in VE6 summits.

So it was valid but not any more.

Hi Ron,
Andy beat me too it, but indeed BK-017 was removed from the database during the first revision of the VE6 summits. It was a double entry for Poker Peak VE6/BK-072 which still is a valid summit.

However, please wait for confirmation from VE6LCE Rich, who posted two spots today, about 30 minutes apart, from peaks which are 200 km apart!
I have to think Rich was on a summit without the information to post a correct spot. Either that or he really didn’t know where he was!


It might be a few days for Rich to be back into reliable signal. He is camping in a no cell signal area.


OK, I’ll wait to see what Rich logs. It just confused me that it was in the drop down list of available summits when you enter it as a chaser (it was also there in the activator drop-down) then it said it was an invalid summit when you tried to save the record.

It sounds like Rich won’t be home for a few days and that is OK too as I am leaving town tomorrow for a few days myself. I’ll check his activator log when I get back home.

Thanks, Andy, for educating me on the range of valid dates for a summit. Actually, I had found that page, but did not realize the importance of the “From” and “To” dates. I will know to look at that information in the future.

73 and thanks,
Ron, KI4TN :hiking_boot: