This summit was my introduction to SOTA. As this site is nearby where I live and Saturday, December 11 was an exceptionally warm day which had melted a lot of the snow, my husband and I impulsively decided to give it a try. I posted on SOTAwatch and headed out. Reaching the summit was easy and probably a good starter. My husband put up a wire antenna for me using a spider beam pole which he strapped to a sapling. I operated a Baofeng UV5R 2m radio and although there was quite a bit of noise, was able to activate and get the 4 contacts needed to ascertain a successful mission. Next time I will also operate on HF. Safe to say I am planning my next summit activation as I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. My husband (VE3YTN) enjoys POTA so I foresee dual opportunities as a team in my future as I locate summits near parks.


Welcome to SOTA, Sheila! It sounds like you and your husband had a fun time on the summit.

I’m hoping to activate VE3/SO-099 in a couple of weeks using my Canadian call, VA3RRK, so I’m very happy to read your report and hear that you were able to have a successful activation.

Keith KR7RK / VA3RRK

Welcome to SOTA, Sheila.
I lived in North Bay for a few years before SOTA was implemented, but I have visited a few times since then, and managed a few activations in that area. The Fall colours are fantastic, as I am sure you know, and there are lots of places to explore.
Have fun,

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Hi Ian, what do you mean by the “fall colours”? Never heard of the term.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

Real nice to see some VE3 reports; that’s an association still on my target list. I’ll leave Ian to more completely describe the lovely colours during the fall season on the wide variety of deciduous trees in Ontario. Here in VE6 land we only get some yellows, the odd orange and the usual pile of evergreens, but at least the latter give you the same amount of windbreak in summer and winter, hi hi.


Great photo Ken. 73 de Geoff vk3sq.

Hi Geoff,
The season is called Fall in Canada, and I’m guessing, Autumn in Australia.
North Bay is near the northern edge of the range of the maples and the colour of the foliage as it changes is spectacular.
Here is a picture taken out the front door of my house in North Bay in early October.



Thank Ian, yes, now understand. You are right, in Australia we call it autumn. We get similar colour changes too. It is currently summer time here now and getting hotter.

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

Great stuff Sheila.
There are a few easy summits in the southern Ontario area that would be great for refining your setup.