VE2ELW_Apica SG-005

After half an hour, Alberto’s ten watts peaking S5 /QSB on the S-meter now!
Heard HA5CW, I…/QRP, PA3BEU/QRP, HA1AG now . .
Great job Alberto! GL+73 de Laci -ha7ug-
Btw:Just to show about DX-propagation: used 100W to 4L at 2014Z-559 rcvd,
at 2052Z single shot with 5Wtts QRP 579 from JP_VA2SG/P Thanks Pete!
Also 5by7 ssb@2138Z ten watts both side + thanks again, Alberto !

Yes, UFB copy from their 10W and 2 el wire yagi. VA2SG/P took the key and kept working EU. Congrats! After 20 yrs of DXing it was still thrill!!

73 de zoli ha1ag

In reply to HA1AG:

I’m waiting for a QSY to 40m … antenna and radio ready in the parking lot here are work :slight_smile:


In reply to HA7UG:
Huh, Martin! That was only 10 watts?! Congratulation!
I became a bit confused during the QSO, because your signal was fading in-and-out peaking 569 on my A4S yagi. As I lost you after the first period, I opened my 250 Hz CW filter and found that your signal has drifted down some 3-400 Hz. Now I had the solution, so I called you again and started each of my reception periods with wide open receiver, re-tuned my RIT and turned the narrow-band filter on. This “cheat” worked fine! :slight_smile:
BTW: Thanks for my first VE2, and 1239th unique summit!

73: Jóska, HA5CW