VE2 Quebec Megactivation 2017

Next weekend on august 4 to 6 many of us will be on the air from Quebec province for the “VE2 Megactivation” event.
At least 6 participants will activate 6 different summits,many of wich are 10 and 8 pointers.
Others folks may join in along the way.

Some activators may team up so make sure you work all of us.
CW as well as SSB phone mode will be used.

Alerts are already posted.

73 and we will meet you on the bands !

VA2MO. :wink:


Sounds like a plan!
We will see if we can get a group of Alberta activators on peaks for a cross-Canada S2S extravaganza.

Talk to you soon!


Hello Ian, this could be great !! :smile:


What bands are you looking at operating?? That will determine which antenna I pack with me. I plan to activate with Ian and crew but on Sunday.


I plan on activating mainly 20m but also 40m if conditions permit. I will bring along my 17m antenna and will use it only if the band is open.
I will be on SSB but others will work CW and possibly additional bands.

We will try to self spot if we can get cellular connection.

Hope to meet you on the air !


The weather doesn’t look good for this activity…
friday: possible thunder storms and saturday : rain.
This leaves only sunday.

I might arrive earlier on friday and see if i can activate.
I will see once i get there.

Anyway i will self-spot by SMS from the summit, i’ve heard there is cell. coverage out there.


Good luck and hopefully I will talk into VE2 on Sunday.

Hello from Alberta,
We managed to get three activators (VE6IXD, VE6AGR and VE6VID) on summits on Sunday Aug 6th. We had HamAlert telling us as spots were posted, but listen as we might, we could not hear VE2 land. We did hear one chaser from Puerto Rico talking to VE2DDZ, but no summit-to-summit that day I regret.
Perhaps next time!

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Hello Ian and Malen,
I also heard the KP4 chaser responding to Malcom so i guess we were both listening at the same moment !

I was on VE2-ML-002 wich is a summit close to my home:

I had taken notes of your frequencies prior to leaving the house. I also had my cell phone with me but was unable to use it for spots as it strangely and sadely indicated i was out of range… ? oh bummer…

But anyway i scrolled around a lot hoping to hear you guys but the band conditions were not the greatest once again. I could hear many chasers working other activators but got only one S2S on 20m. The other S2S i got was on 2m FM with an activator in Vermont !

As far as the VE2 Megactivation, i have not worked any of the other activators other than Malcom on saturday.

73 :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening for us Ian, I looked for you as well when I saw spots, but no luck. Next time maybe.
73, Malcolm VE2DDZ