VE2/GA-270 Butte du Vent - Île du Cap aux Meule

Sept26/18 This was our last camping trip of the summer and a chance to activate a new summit. We took the 5 hour ferry ride from Souris PEI to Cap-aux-Meules in the Magdalen Islands and set up tent in nearby campsite. A storm was forecast for my activation day with 90kph gusts. This all started overnight. The night was bad enough and activation day worse! Around 2pm the rain stopped and we made our way to the summit. There we shared the flat top with 2 towers and large concrete building. The building however was a blessing to keep the wind away. I setup in the lee and made 2 US and 5 DX contacts between ssb and cw. On taking down the tent we discovered 2 of the fiberglass carriers had broken. Had hoped to also do VE2/GA-269 - Big Hill on Île d’Entréeu but the weather had the ferry cancelled.


Nice one Paul! Shame about the WX and tent poles.

Hi Paul, sorry for your bad WX, but here your signals were really good on SSB and huge on CW!! solid 599 into IN92!
Thanks you very much for the QSOs Phone/CW!
See you next one and congratulations for your effort.
Best 73

Thankyou for the QSO’s on the summit and others Jorge. Unfortunately the noise level from the tower setup was very bad so I could not hear a lot of stations.
Hope to hear you again.

Thanks Simon. Have been working on getting the poles fixed. One done so far.