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VE2/ES-013 Orford

Today i was on Mt. Orford in the beautiful Estrie (ES) region.

The summit is 843 m and the hike was 4 km each way. I was at the top in 55 minutes
I arrived well in advance of plan so i took plenty of pictures.

I found a spot to install my equipement away from the many hikers in place and started calling and calling on 14342.5 but no answers… so i went “hunting” for contacts and picked up along the way a few ships since it is the MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND EVENT and also a few NPOTA stations.

Meanwhile the handy talkie was on and i heard something … ? so i identified myself and there was N1GVT on another summit in the state of Vermont wich is not so far away. Great !
I hooked up my home made “tape measure yagi” and worked another station north of Montreal.
This antenna really does the job !

Later on i finally got a regular sota chaser (W0MNA Gary) on 14342.5 who spotted me and soon many other chasers were worked.
Another surprise was VA2CG on VE2/QC-005 who called me while still on 20m,another S2S in the log !

In total: 30 contacts. Perfect weather,a relatively easy hike and beautiful views !

Towards west

Towards south


No Europeans heard this time since it was still early in the day but plenty of activity on 20m from all over north America.

Many more photos here photo album

Thanks to all chasers