VE2/ES-004 by VA2MO


Today was another beautiful day for Sota. I was on VE2/ES-004, Mont Gosford - 1177m, 10 Points.

details here

This summit is right along the border line with the state of Maine.

Nice trail with plenty of rocks and roots along the way and a few stearms to cross. Surprisingly, 1:15h was all it took me to make it to the summit.

I arrived in advance and took pictures before begining my operations right on time, i called and called but since i wasn’t spotted nobody was there… many hikers began to arrive so i elected to find a less crowded spot so i took a break and moved the station.

Upon return,as soon as i was spotted by a few regular chasers ( thanks W4DOW and N4EX ! ) the pileup began.
26 qso’s and one S2S with KE0FKE all on 20m,wich is my second best log on my Sota’s so far.

This is absolutely among the nicest mountains i’ve been to so far ! (even if it’s a 3 hour drive from home), 360 degre view from the top, i could even see Mt. Washington way out in N.H. !

Thanks to all chasers and see ya next time !


Bonjour Eric
Merci pour ce report d’activité. J’ai appris avec plaisir qu’il y avait aussi quelques jours de beau temps au Canada.
Cordiales 73 et @ bientôt
André f5ukl

Bonjour André et merci d’avoir lu mon rapport d’activation meme s’il est en anglais !
Sur ce lien résumé d’activation en francais sera posté un résumé en langue de moliere d’ici peu.

73 et bonne continuation.

Beautiful spot and a pleasure to work you there. CUAGN.
73/Tommy W7RV