VAT exeption to mountain rescue petition

It might be an idea to sign this.
You’ll never know when you’ll need them!
73 from Charlie

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Thank you Charlie,

Duly signed, 73 John G4YSS

In reply to G4YSS:done

duly signed also

73 Graham

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Worthwhile cause even if you are not an activator !!

Just sent my sig in



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Thanks, Charlie, I’ve not only signed it, I’ve put the link on the website of the Mercian Mountaineering Club, which should ensure another 50-odd signatures!


Brian G8ADD

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Roger G4OWG

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Mike G4BLH

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Just done it, mountain search & rescue dont just do mountains. They do other things aswell. They get my support everytime. Steve m0sgb

I sent a donation to Langdale and Ambleside MRT in January, because I’d not done it before, and i felt they do an excellent job. It would be nice if that donation was boosted by 15%! -Needless to say petition signed.

Colin M0CGH

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In 2006 i did a charity walk. And recieved some donations from sota stations. Check my web site m0sgb under charities and you can see me and friends with £605. For MSRT.

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As already stated, they do a lot more than mountain rescue.

And isn’t VAT only supposed to be charged on “luxury” items?

As with all rescue services, a very worthy cause.


Mark G0VOF