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Variation on a theme

Sandro as I3/IT9PWM/P activating I/VE-313 just now.

He collects IARU locator squares.

Some chasers were giving 59 reports but failed to respond to his request for locator number. Is it because they do not know their locator reference or perhaps the report given to Sandro was not quite like it was. I wonder…

He must have good memory as he asked not for mine.
For gave mine last week to him :smile:

No different to us working UK Sotas and collecting the WAB squares but we don’t have to ask as its in the data base of sota.

Always have to look mine up must print off and slap on wall in front of me in LARGE print :slight_smile:


Be careful here. Activation areas often span more than one WAB square. The square in the database is not necessarily the same as the one the operator is in.

On a recent activation somebody mentioned that they’d already got my WAB square and told me what it was. But I had to correct it as I was a few tens of meters inside the adjacent square.

Perhaps there’s a Christmas quiz question here. Which summit has an activation area spanning the most WAB squares?

Martyn M1MAJ

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[quote=“M1MAJ, post:3, topic:11852”]Activation areas often span more than one WAB square.[/quote]The same sort of catch applies to locators (and other grids, too), of course. I think Botley Hill G/SE-005 may even have the Greenwich Meridian running through its activation area (but need to find a decent map to check that on), for instance…

I can think of the summit without even looking it up. In England anyway !