Validity of QSO with non registered users


every now and then I have the chance to have a QSO with a non registered user who is activating a SOTA reference.
After a while I can check & confirm he hasn’t even uploaded the log to the Sota Database.

It seems there are people who pick summit references but does not care for uploading data or even fully reading the program rules…

Are such QSO valid for my chaser account or does it definely would require his registration for showing evidence of this contact?


Yes. If it is a valid activation according to the rules, then you may claim it as a chaser contact, even if the activator chooses not to log the activation.

But you mention “does not care for uploading data or even fully reading the program rules”. If it is not a regular SOTA participant, you need to be careful in ensuring that the activation is SOTA qualifying. From my own experience here in the UK, unregistered ops sometimes give out a SOTA reference but they may be sat in a car, or using a generator, or not even in the summit activation zone.


In reply to M1EYP:

As a user of two different callsigns, one problem I’ve encounterd since changing my call from M6MMM to 2E0YYY, is by adding an an alert under M6MMM it now shows up as an unregistered user… Maybe far easier just register as M6MMM again…

73 Mike

In reply to M1EYP:

Hello Tom,

that really sounds interesting … how should the “hunter” satisfy that every operation is a valid one? Guess that’s simply impossible.

And as we don’t have asteriks anymore (for proved 2-way-QSOs in the database) and SOTA isn’t a fighting program to work max of summits, points etc … nobody care’s … what You put into the database gets counted for You, all depends on Your own integrity … and that may be the good point of SOTA against other “hunter” award programs :))

Have fun on SOTA activations … or hunting them …
and yes: try to behave in the piles :wink:

73 & gl,

Axel, DL6KVA