Validation of chaser points

Hello all, specialy MT,

Inspired from the discussion about chasers who claim points without being in the log of the activator, I tried to think of some way to find a fair way of validating of the chaser points. I began with the idea how LOTW does that, but made some adaptation for SOTA use.

I propose the algorithm of the chaser points distribution by the SOTA database be as follows (Two possible situations considered):

  • Only chasings which match the activators log are given chasing points. If any typing error occured, the chaser can of course write e-mail to the activator and request correction. If no response from the activator - dispute to MT can be arrised and MT will have final word.
  • If 4 or more chasers logged the same summit that same day, and the database recognised that, the summit is considered ACTIVATED and every chaser that logs that summit receives the points. The activator does not get any points untill he or she logs the activation.

Discussion about the details is wellcome.

73, 44

In reply to Z35BY:
I struggle to see any point in implementing any of the proposed changes. As SOTA is non competitive and as there are no prizes, there is nothing to be gained. If the odd chaser claims points for a contact he does not make, then that is down to them and their conscience, they will know that they did not deserve them. Why would anyone claim points falsely, unless there is some kind of ego trip to be had from being higher up the rankings.

Please do not let the actions of the odd individual, sour the pot for the rest. I am sure that most SOTA chasers know who the culprits are, and do not take much notice of their rankings. I like SOTA the way it is, it does not need to be weighed down by unecessary rules.

73s M6BLV John

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I agree, Isn’t SOTA also available to short wave listeners? they wouldn’t be in anyones logs.

In reply to M6BLV:
I agree, this an activity, fun to do, and there is no
Money or prizes involved. If a chaser is lying
About contacts it is on his conscience. Keep
it the way it is, fun.

There is a half-way option, which may be better than outright rejection of un-matched chases/activations. Just flag them in the display. If the site lists someone’s contacts, make it clear which contacts are un-matched. When listing a chaser or an activator contact count, list the validated count and the un-validated count.

Look, if I make a contact, and the other guy doesn’t enter it, I’d like to see my contact in my count. If I see that one of my activations had an unvalidated entry, I know who I QSOed, and I can follow up to find out which call sign I copied wrong, and correct it or delete it from my record.

OTOH, if someone has 900 contacts listed, and 795 them are un-verified… well, let’s just say we’ll all know what to think.

Don’t enforce – just make people accountable. Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing.

Kevin - K4KPK

In reply to K4KPK:

There’s always another solution: PSK31!

Can you imagine a PSK31 pileup? I am trying to imagine the spectrum sort of, exploding! :wink: