Vacation summary of my efforts.

This years summer vacation yielded in som activation from Dalarna (DA), Väster Botten (VB) and Östergötland (OG). Thought I make a summary of it here.
My first activation was Björnberget (SM/VB-055) near the town of Vilhelmina. Never activated before and gave it a try. Weather was rainy and temperature around +10C. A dirt road took us to a point where we had to walk the last 700 meter throught woods w/o any tracks. No scenery at all and wet.

Back to my summer QTH in Dalarna I took the closest non worked before by me summit, Flenberget (SM/DA-025). As so many times before the top was covered with trees but here and there you could see the landscape. Also a old mine is visible, now filled with water.

A couple of days later I went to Knytberget (SM/DA-047) The weather hot, close to +30C, and hardly no wind. I tested my newly built VP2E antenna for 20 meter and it felt like a better antenna than my normal EFHW antenna.

On our way back from vacation we took a different way home and passed by the summit Klacken (SM/DA-38) that me and my wife decided to visit. We parked our car and started to walk towards the top throught the woods, no trail but it was marked with small orange colored plastic ribbons attached on tree branches. It took almost 1 hour to walk 3,5km. Finally on the summit we were rewarded with a scienic view from a watch tower.

Back home again we took a trip south to Östergötland and Lake Vättern. The summit Omberg (SM/OG-001) has been activated quite many times and is easy to reach.

Summary from my vacation is 106 CW QSO where about 20 is S2S. The most memorable is with Matt when he was coming in strong on 20 meter from TF/OE6FEG/P. Almost all summits I visit gives med 2-points in Dalarna (DA). Sweden is covered with 69% woods so the scienery is quite the same.

73 de Jaan


Hi Jaan,
Great to get this report of several summits activated - I’m a fan of the VP2E as well, but I still haven’t been able to accurately measure it’s gain yet.

73 Ed DD5LP.

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