VA6MCB on VE6/HC-015

Thanks everybody for the effort today.
The peak was crotch deep in snow and blowing a gale, I did manage to drop down, slightly less windy but still too much for my 20m vertical. I tried my HT with a 2m Handheld Arrow Antenna. Bouncing my signal off the opposite mountain I was able to reach VE6RYC and VECCL on simplex (My backup HT battery froze, time for chemical hand warmers)
Well done Rob thanks for your perseverance, your the first VE6 SOTA peak chaser. Since there was only one QSO I don’t get activation points but Chasers qualify for Slack Sloth points.

In reply to VA6MCB:
Hi Walker…sounds like a valiant effort on your part! I never saw an Alert on Sotawatch but I would not have been able to work you on 2M anyway…even if you had got your 20M antenna up I’m probably too close. GREAT effort…at least you got an AB chaser in the database!!! Better luck next time!

73 Mike VA6FUN