VA6FUN & VE2JCW passed 1000 chaser pts yesterd

Mike and Jean have passed 1000 chaser pts yesterday. No doubt the NA day helped them a lot.

As VE2 area manager, I would like to congratulate both of them for an awesome work. I really thought it would take more time but the dedication of Mike, who learned CW at the speed of light to help getting activations, and Jean who woke up very early in the morning to catch those Eu activations, brought them success.

Congrats guys!

PS Mike, if you want another trophy, you don’t have the choice but to begin activation LOL :wink:

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Mike and Jean,

Congratulations! It is always a pleasure to work you both.

Phil, NS7P

Congratulations Mike and Jean on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M3EYP

TNX Mister !

From my early age, the communication have always fascinated me, the started a gift to my young age, a crystal of galena radio … and here since I always had an antenna on the roof, even when traffic on the 11 meter (9CF72) … and … it’s chained amon pleasure:)

thank you all for contact SOTA

traduction gogell

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Hi JP…thanks to JP and others for their e-mails and kind words. What “FUN” to have two Canadians achieve Shack Sloth status on NA SOTA Day! Congratulations Jean! Thanks to all the activators, association managers, etc…without you there would be no summits to chase! I do hope to activate some summits one day JP…thats why I built an ATS-4a and keep trying to improve my CW copy skills. Hi Hi! Listen for the “FUN” callsign!

73…Mike VA6FUN

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Hi Mike and Jean,
Congratulations and thanks both for the contacts yesterday.


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Congratulations Jean and Mike. I appreciate every one of our QSOs. Thanks for being there.

Just because you have attained shack sloth please don’t slow down. I have a long way to go for mountain goat. I need the Qs Hi!

73, Chuck K4QS

Hi Mike and Jean

Congratulations to both of you :o)


Congrats to both of you and thanks so much for the QSO’s on NA SOTA day.

Adrian N6ZA (ex N6vdR)