VA2VL, now THE canadian mountain goat

Today, radio friend Jean-Francois VA2VL passed the 1000 points activator mark.

I’d like to congratulates JF for this outstanding accomplishment. Lot of work, efforts, energy involved and the goat title is well deserved.

Its gonna take years to see another VE getting to this level.

Félicitations Jean-Francois! And CU :wink:


Congratulations Jean-Francois on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Félicitation Jean-François ! en fin de conte tu vois … tu n’as meme pas besoin de station fixe chez toi !! :smile:

73 Jean VE2JCW

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Congratulations, Jean-Francois, and thanks for all the contacts. You always have a good signal into Tennessee. 73, Walt NE4TN

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Congratulations Jean-François. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

73 my friend,
Malcolm VE2DDZ

Congratulation Jean-Francois, well done. It is a very satisfying accomplishment.


Mike AD5A

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Congrats Jean and thanks for all the contacts and the Chaser points.
Best 73 de W4DOW (Dow)

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Again , Congratulations Jean Francois on your Mountain Goat Today. Enjoy your reward, and thanks for the Sota contacts from the past and in the future. 72 de Scotty in Pennsylvania.

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Hello Jean-Francois,
A singular achievement to be the first in Canada. We send congratulations and are pleased to have been a small part of your effort.
Merle and Herm
Madison, NH

Hello Jean-Francois,
Well done indeed and say hello to the rest of the family from me :wink:
Best wishes and thanks.

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Congratulations, Jean-Francois,

I hope it was our 40 M. contact that put you over the top!

Bonne chance!

Paul, K1CM

Congratulations Jean ! Seeya !

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Congratulations, Jean-Francois. Well done OM…


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Way to go Jean-Francois! Propagation is usually not good between VE2 and W7O, but your skill makes it work time after time. Thanks for all of the summits.

Thank you all for your lovely messages.
Amateur Radio is a great family and SOTA family is united to all.
Our hobby and the outdoors are the union of the two most beautiful hobby in the world.
The amité is true and fans are passionate about.
Long life SOTA! 73 de VA2VL now available for S2S hihi!

Phill you’re always a good signal in nord-east :wink:

Scott, you’re one of my most faithful in my log. I greatly appreciate.
Glad to read you on FB. :slight_smile:

Congrats Jean…I always enjoy working you and maybe some day we will meet up when I’m QRV in New York…


Sincères félicitations Jean-François!
When ever I see you spotted on Sotawatch, I go to the frequency because I know you always put a good signal into our side of the pond and you have the good ears to pick us up quickly.
Thanks for the many SOTA chaser points you’ve given me.
I’ll be looking forward to many more SOTA QSOs with you in the future.
Best 73 de Guru