VA2SG 2 summits day video & NA SOTA yahoo grou

Hi all,

Great time last saturday, as I activated two close summits. Weather was fine in the morning, around 22C, helping out the hike of VE2/SG-002, worked couple Eu and NA, and got back for the 35 min drive to VE2/SG-006.

My hike down was interrupted by a strange creature and had to negociate a lot to be able to keep walking down Mont-Valin, as you will se in my video.

After lunch, increasing temp, around 27C made hiking the 300m of Mont Victor-Tremblay somewhat difficult, but made it. Worked 4 stations, and a first S2S for me with Guy N7UN and got back to the car as thunderstorms where on our way.

Live some intense moments by clicking here:

At the same time, I announce I have setup a North american SOTA yahoo group, that will help each of us to keep in touch for any SOTA related topic or setting of multi areas activities in NA. Feel free to visit and post: Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

Until my next SOTA outing, 73 all!


In reply to VA2SG:
Nice job JP and clearly some “big” challenges on the trail! You were loud in NJ for our S2S qso! 72, Guy, N7UN/2