Uwaga Polska! - Attention Southwestern Poland:

Next week (Monday to Friday) I will activate the highest summits in Jizerské hory (Góry izerskie) on 2 m FM. My experience is that there is very low VHF activity of OK hams in that region, but QSOs to SP are well possible. I will try to post alerts in due time, but please spread the words among the SP hams who may not follow the SOTAwatch. Looking forward to hear you from the summits.
73, Ruda, OK2QA


Poland’s most popular frequency 145.550 .preferably a directional antenna.I have problems for 2 m. I wish you a beautiful winter skiing.

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I did among my Friends, and wish you success Ruda !
73, Jarek

Leszek and Jarek,
thank you guys for your kind reaction, very appreciated.
Unfortunately, I have to cancel the planned activation due to an unexpected health problem.
Sorry about that.
73, Ruda, OK2QA

no problem. Snow, only in high parts- hard

Fast recovering Ruda !!!
73, Jarek