Tried to enter the ref. UT/CA376 into the database but was rejected. Saw people giving various references such as HA/KM001 or HA/KD001. Where’s the truth ?

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UT Association is new to SOTA as of the first of May. The ukrainian summits will probably be added to the database sometime later. Wait and see.
73 Ruda OK2QA

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When a station is active from a new country that has not yet been added to the Data-Base you cannot spot with the correct Reference.

In order to alert other chasers you have to enter a valid reference - it does not matter which -then explain in the comments line.

As Zsolt and Zoli had used HA/KM-001 in their Alert I continued with this reference for the spot.

You will be able to enter the QSO when the Data-Base is updated Paolo.


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Unfortunately, we still have problems with the data base due to server change. The new SOTA association is active, but the data base not fully functional. I checked, that it is impossible to send proper spot for UT-land, but it is possible to add the summit into your log. Zoli said, he and HG4UK will be active from few UT summits during this weekend. So, now it is possible to send a spot with a wrong reference only, but add the proper reference in the comments.

BTW, Zsolt & Zoli seems to be the very fist SOTA activators of UT summits. Anyway I do not know about any other activity from the association start (1 of May 2010).

73! Alex UT4FJ

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Today I was able to upload 2 QSOs with UT. The entry form is accepting UT ref. although not showing full details. But it works !

73, IK3GER

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We are back now. Thanks for all who called us, we had a very good time
on these beautiful hills.