Using the database

I can see a QSO that I’ve logged as a chaser. I can see that the summit was activated on that date by the operator I’ve logged, but there’s obviously some mis-match between his log and mine because I don’t get the confirmation asterisk. Is it possible fr me to compare my logged details with his?
I’m just curious to see why there isn’t a match, I don’t intend chaging anything.

In a sort of related issue, I worked a SOTA station before I got involved in SOTA myself. I know the approximate date from photographs and looking at the summit log shows only one activation so it would be nice to see if I was logged. At the time I was out with a hand held and didn’t log the call myself. I’m not sure if it would be right to claim the chaser points for this one, it seems a bit retrospective if you see what I mean.

If there’s a set of instructions showing what I should do, just point me to them…


Find the activator in the activation honour roll.
Click on them
Find the summit they activated, click on show log.
Job done.

Ah! Simple when you know how.

Thanks, Andy.