Using CSV files for Database upload

Hi all,
On Friday gone I activated GM/SS-286 and made 85Qs. Nothing special there, but in the past I have loaded these contacts onto the database line by line. Many is the time I have been bombed out in the process causing me to have to find where I have got to in the upload. I have also had to re-install the whole lot if a gremlin has later been detected in the transcription (or logging). Yesterday I bit the bullet and created a CSV file of my activation in Excel by following the step by step process listed on the database support. I uploaded the file to the database totally painlessly. I now also have a CSV file of my upload so if a transcription error has occurred I can make amends very painlessly. I recommend this method if you need to upload more than say 20Qs at one time.

David G0EVV

It’s the only way I ever upload activations, regardless of the number of contacts :smile: .
There are many different ways to create the files other than Excel, I’ve used all 4 listed here:

It’s simple to correct activation errors. It matters not whether you have the original csv, or if they were entered line by line. Simply download the csv from the DB, open in a text editor, edit, delete original activation, reupload edited csv. It takes seconds.


David, it’s always good to here the instructions worked and you didn’t have major problems.

Hi David,
I also used to enter line by line but have recently changed to using the Windows program “SOTA CSV editor”. Despite its name this has a full UI for entry of the required fields and then creates a CSV file for upload to the database. As you say, this also gives you the ability to correct something if needed on the saved file on your PC.

The program works for both Chaser and Activator data (but don’t mix them as the upload function is separate for Chaser and Activator data).

73 Ed.

Hello David,
following ur last comment about CSV i visited and I can say that’s a very close to be a perfect help to amministrate SOTA activity.
Thanks for info!!!
Carlos IK2YRA

SOTA CSV Editor is a neat tool for preparing the CSV file. It also has other nice features.

By placing in the comments the signal reports in the form Srst Rrst such as S579R559 there is a side benefit.

When you export the file as an ADIF file, the reports data from the comments field is translated into the ADIF fields. Voila, a file ready to import into your computer log - provided it has an ADIF import/export function.

You can also place other fields into the comment field ready for translation into the ADIF fields. The documentation for SOTA CSV Editor gives the details.

Highly recommended.


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Hello David,
following ur last comment about CSV i visited (NOW I CORRECT THE LINK…before was wrong.) and I can say that’s a very close to be a perfect help to amministrate SOTA activity.
Thanks for info!!!
Carlos IK2YRA

Hi all,
Thanks for your responses. I generally work about 2-3 stations per day as a chaser. For me, at this rate of logging, the standard input format is fine. Should I make an error a correction is “simples”. As an activator with an average of perhaps 100 contacts per activation on 4 bands and 3 modes, as I said, the line by line entry does not cut the mustard. However creating the data file of the activation from my paper log in excel allows me facilities like block copying and cross checking prior to creating the CSV format file. Uploading the CSV format file is then very speedy. Retention of the CSV file enables corrections should they be needed.

Thank you for your help and support.

You can always download any activation as a CSV for editing David.