Useful weather sites

I thought I’d share some of the weather sites I use. I’m sure I don’t know them all, there are bound to be obscure ones we have each found. So if you know of any other useful ones then add them to this thread and we can all benefit.

Met Office Rain Radar: Gives current rain situation

Mountain Weather Information Service: Gives good weather reports for people going up the hills. I’ve found its predictions to be accurate.

21st Operation Weather Squadron: A US military service which allows public access. They produce far more info than I can cope with but they have two cloud/precipitation charts which are stunningly accurate.

To get to the useful stuff click on UKMO Model U/A Progs and then from the large list of charts that appears select the “Loop” option for “SFC-070 CLOUD-LOW” for cloud info to 7000ft and “070-180 CLOUD-MID” for cloud info to 18000ft. These last two show how cloudy it will be along with any rain etc. The predictions are good for upto 3 days ahead, but the nearer you get the more accurate the latest prediction will be.