Used MTR3b

What’s the going rate for a LNR MTR3b? I can’t find any comparison prices anywhere on the interwebs.
And is there a selling section on here?

I can’t help with the prices for used MTR3b but someone will know.

A perfectly reasonable question but currently, no, we have no selling section. We don’t carry adverts. The MT are discussing this. Do we want for sale and wants, do we want to allow companies to advertise on here, are adverts for rallies/conventions acceptable? We have no clear policy yet but we normally remove anything we feel is commercial. i.e. price charged exceeds costs such that it’s a “for-profit” venture as opposed to a “not-for-loss” venture.

Before everyone says lets have SOTA related ads, you need to consider the consequences. Once you allow users sales/wants/exchanges you will get more commercially minded people using the forum. It costs money to run this service and you, the SOTA activator/chaser pay for this in your donations and when you buy merchandise and awards. Commercial advertisers would need to pay a fee for access to SOTA minded people… and… and… and… it all becomes a bit of a ball ache for someone to monitor and control.

I can see advantages and disadvantages to wanted and for sales of SOTA related gear (radios and mountain gear). But the MT have plenty of jobs to do without checking nobody is having a laugh at our (that’s everyone who pays/paid for SOTA items) expense.


I’ve seen them on the QRZ and QTH sites for 200 to 225 US dollars by US hams, shipping included. I think they find a buyer pretty fast.
Peter kd0yob

I think each country probably has their own classified ads website apart from the auction sites, (which charge unreasonable fees).

Many more people than SOTA folk use such radios so in general the local classifieds sites are a better option to find or sell equipment, in my view.

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH