USDX QCX To SSB HF Transceiver QRP SDR Transceiver 8-Band 5W

Strange, when you google the “PFR-3 auction” on UK ebay, you will find also this QRP SDR transceiver among other things …

Is someone already using this transceiver?


Of course the creators of QCX and USDX will not see (obtain) a single penny… I hope I’m wrong.


Yes. I have a uSDR Transceiver. As we are in lockdown I can’t use it on a summit. Given that it cost me $200 AU it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

I was intrigued by the method of generating SSB. It’s not perfect and very low level audio is squelched but for SOTA use its OK, based on a local QSO.

Sensitivity is down a bit but as it’s a 3/5 W rig and most people on the other end will be in the 100 W category it should be adequate.

CW sounds fine but until it’s been out amongst the mosquitoes and blazing Sun I can’t say much more.

Compare it to it to say an MTR but with SSB and all HF Bands. 80, 60, 40, 30, 29, 17, 15, 10 m. Mine also seems to work on 12 m.

Plenty of filter bandwidths to choose from.

You also get AM and FM. It’s a little heavier than an MTR3 but provides much more in a package of about the same size

You won’t get a smaller multimode multiband HF transceiver this decade IMO.

For lightweight operation it’s amazing. Pop it in one pocket with a battery and put the antenna and a log book in another pocket.

Sure the KX2 is a better big pocket transceiver and needs less skill to operate. But look at the price differential.

There is now an on line manual.

I can’t wait to get out in the field for a day with this really tiny rig .

As for the designer getting money, hey if you put the design in the public domain and it’s good, someone will offer a version for sale. And that’s good for those who won’t be building one.



It is a version of the uSDX Sandwich by Manuel
specifically the 8-band version 8-Band RF Board – DL2MAN´s HAM Radio Page

Was discussed quite intense in the newsgroup as it is open source but of course the ebay/aliexpress sellers have commercial interests.


DL2MAN says it is free to use, including commercial use. So I can’t see why anyone should be upset if a Chinese maker sells a version. And once you say it’s free you can’t ask for royalties.

I have never felt guilty buying clones. I used to build most of my equipment but now I can’t see most of the modern components. I don’t have the time to do more than build a few kits with surface mount already soldered or larger componentry.

Even Chinese makers are not immune to being copied.

It’s nothing personal, just business.


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I think this licence change happened because of the discussion in the forum. Before it was not so clear or non-commercial only - I don’t recall exactly.

And I agree that especially the sourcing of all the parts is just an effort that is very time consuming. So buying kits or preassembled units make sense.
As long as the DIY is still possible everyone can take part.

73 Joe


Hi Ron, Ho Joe,
As you say if Manuel has said his part of the design is free to use, that’s fine. Isn’t DL2MAN’s part of the radio, a modification to the QCX boards plus a new amplifier board? The QCX remains a commercial design from Hans Sommers who has, as far as I know not released the QCX into open source - or has he?


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They could be buying QCX kits and including them in the project.


Very promising radio for this money.
Also there is chipper version without a battery an smaller size

It seems for me that it is cheapest cw HF rig with SSB bonus.
Hard to stop thinking about purchasing it as upcoming Christmas :snowman_with_snow: gift.

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There is also this one bit more funds needed to purchase but still works out cheaper than the kx2

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A bit expensive noname rig. I have to say that I am little bit disappointed by Xiegu SDR rigs

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It would be nice if the people designing the clones would give credit to the original circuit designer. It would also be helpful for those who’ve bought one (like me) who have no operating guide. Mine came with the radio packaged with the wrong microphone and no power supply. The only thing I’ve found wrong with it so far is the selector is a bit flakey on the band change position. I would love to get my hands on an operating manual for the thing.

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I have an FX-4C. Not a bad little radio. Built in sound card as well, so easy to do digital modes out of the box. No CAT control yet though. I believe this radio is from the same developer of the FX-9, as well as the FX-4A that LNR was selling a few years back. There’s a farcebook page too, and the developer is quite active on the group. Heavier than I would have thought - but not too bad and I wouldn’t hesitate to throw it in the backpack for a days SOTA adventures…

73, Todd KH2TJ


Back to shipping radios out again. Was in lock down there for a bit …