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USA participation in SOTA?

Is there any participation by US hams in the SOTA?
(Summits On The Air)…
I have seen some spots, but all have been in EU.
Reason I ask, is My son (KB1UPS) and I will be climbing
Mt. Monadnock (second most hiked MT.in the world)
twice in the next week…
Is it worth finding out
if this peak is in the SOTA database and
should be activated???


In reply to AE1P:

Hi, Neil

There certainly is!

You can find the summit lists here:


Mt. Monadnock is here:


It’s worth 4 points in SOTA and it’s never been activated so your son would be the first.

Good luck!

  • Martin, VA3SIE.

In reply to AE1P:
Hi Neil
There are 7 US SOTA Associations running at present so activity is becoming widespread. There are 5 Monadnock Mountains listed in the W1 database. Wonder which you are climbing?

Corrected URL:


In reply to G4CMQ:
David, will be climbing the “original” Mt. Monadnock (HA-009)
in Jaffrey NH.
We will be going up tommorow morning with just an HT,
But might take the K3 up next Saturday Morn if WX is good.


In reply to AE1P:

Hi Neil,

There is a growing US contingent of activators and even chasers. The best resource I have found for locating sota peaks and determining if peaks are a part of sota is the Google Earth file in the Summits Yahoo Group at:


Its got the whole planet’s SOTA summits…very useful. You will have to join the yahoo group to get the file, or I can email it to you.

73 and looking forward to chasing you!

Tom, N2YTF
W1 SOTA Manager

In reply to AE1P:

FYI on Sunday Aug 8th, there will be no less then 7 US summits on the air. I will be on with W2VV from w2/gc-076 in NY. Check out the Alerts page and don’t forget to post an alert for your activation. Shoot me an email if you need any help with the system.


In reply to N2YTF:

the Google Earth file in the Summits Yahoo Group at:

The URL you gave isn’t a persistent one. The URL I normally publish is:


Just in case anyone else is having trouble - Yahoo won’t currently accept my login - it keeps telling me the details are wrong - Yet I know they are correct !

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to G0LGS:
Works ok for me Stewart.


It has for me now - I had to go thru a password reset to get it to accept it and even first time after that it still said it was wrong !

Stewart G0LGS